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Laura Castañeda


30 Years of experience

Laura Castañeda has nearly 30 years of professional media experience in two languages.

Another form of storytelling is narrative film. In 2019, Laura Castañeda completed her first screenplay called Puerto Boys. It tells the story of a group of Mexican surfers from the Southern Coast, who risk their lives to cross into the United States, while trying to fit into American culture. The feature length screenplay is registered with the Screenwriters Guild of America. It is based on true events.

Castañeda is an avid film enthusiast. She continued to get serious about film over the years, after serving as part-time staff with the Media Arts Center San Diego, producers of the San Diego Latino Film Festival. It was there, she met many actors, producers, directors and decided to write her own script.

She also credits her only screenwriting professor, Russel Redmond for giving her the confidence to stop thinking about it, and "just do it!"
Synopsis of Puerto Boys
This is an excerpt from the screenplay, "Puerto Boys. It is the first full length feature film script written by Laura Castañeda. It is registered with the Writers Guild of America.

Puerto Boys tells the story of a group of Mexican surfers who make a quick decision to leave home and do whatever it takes to get to the United States out of necessity. They find themselves taking desperate measures and risking their lives to cross with no passports or visas. But things don't turn out as planned. Toñio and some of his friends find themselves trying to fit in a culture and society where they are not always welcome. The Puerto Boys long for their families and turn to each other for support.