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The World of Lucha Libre in Mourning

A horrible accident Saturday night in Tijuana, Mexico B.C in front of hundreds of spectators during a popular Lucha Libre match. Two sons of two of the top Lucha fighters in Mexico went face to face. Pedro "Perro" Aguayo Jr. was kicked by Rey Misterio Junior, in the ring. (Rey Misterio Junior wears 619 on his uniform because he fought and lived in San Diego - area code 619 -- for many years. ) This is a story with international interest.

Some reports say there was a doctor in the house, in the locker room with another injured fighter.  Others say there were no paramedics ring side, and that the referee didn't stop the fight.  San Diego Red.Com captured the blows on video.  It's been posted everywhere on the internet since it happened Saturday night.

The video shows that spectators and others who jumped in to help, placed the injured fighter on a table, because there was no stretcher nearby.  Ironically there was a hospital just three blocks away from the arena.   Now there are reports surfacing that the State Attorney Generals office is looking into charging Rey Misterio Junior criminally for murder.

Pedro "Perro" Aguaya Jr.  was buried in Guadalajara, Mexico yesterday with family, friends, and many professional lucha fighters present.   In fact,  Rey Misterio Jr.  carried his casket in the church.

There are few fans pointing the finger at anyone.  Most say it's a sport and the players know first hand of the dangers involved.

In 2006 I had the honor of interviewing Rey Misterio Senior about the sport of Lucha.   He is retired and no longer fighting. He also addressed the dangers of the sport.  He has not surfaced or talked about what happened since the accident. But his words in this interview make perfect sense.

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