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The Final Chapter – Diana Gonzalez Murderer Sentenced to Life in Prison

I am not a big fan of re-posts on this blog, but several years ago I wrote about the murder of a young, beautiful, helpless woman Diana Gonzalez, 19.  She was a nursing student at San Diego City College with big hopes and dreams for her then 10-month-old daughter.   Those dreams were violently stolen from her on a chilly October night in 2010 as she attended a night class.  Four years later,  her estranged husband, has had his day in court after fleeing to Mexico as a fugitive, and finally getting caught.   Her story is a sad one.   Her daughter now being raised by her family, too young to understand that her biological father who will rot in jail, killed her own biological mother.   Perhaps her soul will rest.

This is a wrap up of what happened in this final chapter as a reporter by KGTV Website

A man who admitted stalking his 19-year-old estranged wife and stabbing her to death in a men’s restroom at San Diego City College more than four years ago was sentenced Friday to life in prison, plus one year.

Armando Gabriel Perez, 41, will also not be eligible for parole at any time.

Just as opening statements in his trial were to begin, he pleaded guilty in November to premeditated first-degree murder and admitted a special circumstance allegation of lying in wait in the killing of Diana Gonzalez on Oct. 12, 2010.

“I know it’s the right thing to do,” Perez, who was acting as his own attorney, told Judge Charles Rogers. “I want to plead guilty to all charges.”

Deputy District Attorney Teresa Santana said Perez was a married man with children when he met the victim and got her pregnant the day she turned 18.

Perez and Gonzalez were married in December 2009 and he began beating her a few months later after they moved into together, Santana said.

After Perez abducted Gonzalez in September 2010, she filed a restraining order against him.

The restraining order made Perez angry and he began stalking Gonzalez, ultimately grabbing her as she walked to her car at school, where she was “slaughtered” in a men’s bathroom, Santana said.

The defendant had told the victim that he would kill her if she ever tried to leave him, the prosecutor said.

Perez fled to Mexico after the killing and remained a fugitive until he was arrested by Tijuana Metropolitan Police in February 2012 and returned to San Diego.

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