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Chiquiliquis Lurking Up the Coast

Hang around with a surfer long enough, and you learn more than you want to know about what’s lurking under the sand.    On a recent trip to a pristine Del Mar beach,  I noticed these little holes in the sand by the shore.  There were hundreds of them.  Sure enough, my lifeguard husband starts digging a hole in the sand and what he scoops up, was pretty amazing to me.

Amazing, because I am absolutely not an insect person.  Yet there I stood along this beautiful shore as I did so many times.  Digging my toes in the sand, wetting my legs in the ocean waves on a hot summer day,  never once imagining that I might be smashing a chiquiliqui!

These white looking Beatles I’m told,  are often sauteed in hot oil and spices in Mexico and served as a delicacy.    My beach boy says they taste like lobster.   He also claims they are harmless (but he says that about every insect I’ve screamed and swatted over the years).

I couldn’t help but wonder how quickly the beach would clear out if beachgoers knew what they were walking on.

My beach boy says here in the United States these are baby size chiquiliquis compared to the ones in Mexico where one chiquiliqui stretches almost the length of your hand.

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