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Changes for American pedestrians walking into Mexico are here

Earlier this week on a business day trip across the border I was completely caught off guard.  Not only because there is literally millions of dollars of construction projects happening along the U.S. Mexico border in the San Diego/Tijuana region right now, but out of nowhere it seems, U.S. Citizens are required to get a visa now even if only crossing into Mexico for the day.

All your personal information is recorded (hand written) on a the visa and your passport stamped entering the country.   There is currently no fee but I suspect this will change.  Agents confirmed this is only happening for foot traffic, not vehicles, yet.


On the return back into the U.S. the wait was minimal (40 minutes or so) and once you enter the temporary building, that's it -- you are in.  (Unlike in previous years.  Once inside the U.S. Customs and Inspection building there was about another hour-long wait).

I always find joy crossing into "TJ" as we call it here.  Life in this border region is special. Upon my exit from the Customs building -- look what I found!  A row of pay phones.

I thought I'd snap a picture, realizing there are still children out there who don't even know what these machines are used for, how much they cost to use, or how they work.

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